An impression of our Sojiji Concerts 2009

Up Coming Sojiji Concerts:

Diangelo Cicilia Guitar Recital Vol 5

Saturday 19th and Sunday 20st of November 2011.

Featuring Mariko Cicilia on Violin

Program:Compositions by J.S. Bach, Manuel de Falla, H. Ohana Barbara Kolb and others....

To Reserve tickets:

Cicilia Music:

Tel: 072-668-4812

Ibaraki Shi Ticket Office: 072-625-305

To see the concert pdf click on the photo


Welcome to an Impression of our Sojiji concerts on Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th of November 2009.

On this page you can see and hear some of the playing.


You can also see some of the performances on our YouTube channel Mensage Enbotellada


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For an Impression or our Guitar Recital with Shakuhachi, click here